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Starting in the 2015-2016 school year, the Texas School Ready project will be implemented across the state through three delivery models that vary by support level intensity: TSR Online, TSR Online+, and TSR Comprehensive. Our foundational model, TSR Online, is available to all public school districts, public charter schools, Texas Rising Star certified providers, former Texas School Ready participants, and Head Start grantees in Texas at no cost. Programs that register for TSR Online will have access to the free tools and resources that include teacher professional development, child progress monitoring system, classroom observation tools, and supplemental classroom activities — all hosted on CLI's new e-learning platform CLI Engage


Who is eligible to participate in TSR Online?

  • All Texas public school districts
  • All open enrollment charter schools
  • All current and past Texas School Ready participants (more details below)
  • All Texas Rising Star Certified Providers
  • All Texas Head Start programs

We are continuing to explore new opportunities to expand access to other programs in the future.

Sign Up Today!

Ready to sign-up for TSR Online?

Eligible educators can sign-up for TSR Online through our e-learning platform, CLI Engage. Click here to sign-up today!

Are you a former Texas School Ready teacher or program?

Great news! Starting February 1, 2016, all former TSR programs and teachers can apply for TSR Online! We are thrilled to be able to offer ongoing, online access to Texas School Ready resources for our former participants. 

There are just a few steps to sign up. First, complete the short application with information about your TSR participation (program or teacher). After your eligibility is confirmed, a member of the TSR Support Team will contact you with more information and an email invitation to register. Please note that all TSR Online participants must have a unique email address.

  • Former TSR Program/Center Eligibility Application
    • A center or program that previously participated in TSR is eligible to participate in TSR Online IF:
      • The director AND/OR the owner has not changed since their TSR participation
      • The site is in good standing with Texas DFPS Child Care Licensing
      • If the site's location has changed, the director OR owner must be the same when the site participated in TSR
  • Former TSR Teacher Eligibility Application
    • A teacher who previously participated in TSR is eligible to participate in TSR Online IF:
      • The teacher participated in TSR (2003-present)
      • The teacher completed at least two years with TSR

Want More Information

Visit our Texas School Ready website to learn more about how you can use these great resources!

TSR Online Tools and Resources

TSR Online provides FREE access to these great tools and resources through our online platform, CLI Engage!

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