TPRI Early Reading Assessment

The TPRI is a highly reliable early reading assessment designed to identify the reading development of students in kindergarten through third grade. This diagnostic instrument is an easy to use one-on-one assessment, which helps teachers provide targeted instruction so that students improve as readers. The TPRI benchmark assessment is given 3 times per year. At all four grade levels, the TPRI consists of both a screening section and an inventory section.

Screening Section

The screening section of the TPRI is a brief assessment for identification of students who may be at risk for reading difficulties. Its primary purpose is to predict for teachers which of their students may need additional or intensive reading instruction in order to meet their grade level goals. The screening section also allows teachers to quickly gather information on students who are Still Developing (SD) important reading concepts in certain areas and would benefit from additional instruction.

The skills assessed on the screening tasks for different grade levels and times of year are illustrated on the following chart:

Screening Kindergarten First Second Third
Letter Sound      
Blending Onset-Rimes & Phonemes      
Word Reading    

Inventory Section

The Inventory Section of the TPRI allows teachers to acquire more data to help match reading instruction with specific student needs. This additional information can assist teachers and administrators as they assemble educational resources and plan the most effective instruction possible for students. All portions of the inventory are administered with students who score Still Developing (SD) on the screening section. For Kindergarten and Grade 1 students who score Developed (D) on the screening section, the PA and GK portions of the Inventory Section are optional.

The skills assessed on the inventory for the different grade levels and times of year are illustrated on the following chart:

Inventory Kindergarten First Second Third
Book and Print Awareness                  
Phonemic Awareness            
Graphophonemic Knowledge
Word Reading    
Reading Accuracy      
Listening/Reading Comprehension

Information derived from the TPRI will assist teachers in planning targeted instruction for their students. There are many additional TPRI tools available to help teachers. For example, there are tools which help teachers analyze data, identify students for intervention, and group students for differentiated instruction. Also included is an Intervention Activities Guide, a teacher-friendly resource that includes hundreds of activities designed to help teachers target the needs of students.

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TPRI Early Reading Assessment