CIRCLE Pre-K Curriculum

Incorporating time-tested lessons from the CIRCLE Activity Collection, the CIRCLE Pre-K Curriculum now provides all the resources you’ll need to support weekly planning and delivery of preschool instruction.

The State Board of Education voted to approve adoption of the CIRCLE Pre-K Curriculum in November 2020. The research-based curriculum is freely available to all prekindergarten programs through CLI Engage access.

What It Includes

The CIRCLE Pre-K Curriculum includes Scope and Sequences for 35 weeks of instruction and 10 Theme Guides for use throughout the school year. Each of these components is supported by direct links to high-quality lessons housed in the CIRCLE Activity Collection. You can use the Scope and Sequences and Theme Guides together to provide weekly instruction that comprehensively supports the cognitive, social, and emotional development of prekindergarten children. Finally, the Start-Up Guide breaks down how each component is organized and what you need to know to start your planning.

Download all the components from CLI Engage at no cost, or contact CLI Solutions Group to purchase printed versions of these same files.

Curriculum Features

  • Comprehensive coverage of skill domains supporting cognitive and social and emotional development
  • Balance of teacher-directed lessons and child-initiated activities
  • Daily playful and purposeful experiences across whole group, small group, and center time
  • Lesson scripting that follows a teaching and learning cycle
  • Flexible Theme Guides for building language and background knowledge through meaningful and relevant experiences
  • Scaffolds and teacher tips for modifying lessons
  • Authentic videos of lessons in action
  • English and Spanish versions
  • Print copies of all components available for purchase
CIRCLE Pre-K Curriculum



  • The curriculum is free to access, all you need to do is create an account on CLI Engage!
  • Once you’re logged in, you will see the CLI Engage Dashboard. Scroll down until you see the blue bar for “Activities and Materials.”
  • Click the box for CIRCLE Pre-K Curriculum. You’re in!