CIRCLE Activity Collection

The online CIRCLE Activity Collection offers a variety of hands-on activities that preschool teachers can implement during large group, small group, centers, and one-on-one instruction. Language, literacy, social emotional skills, mathematics, and science are the core concepts covered.

The activities incorporate a gradual release model, where a teacher models, demonstrates, and “thinks aloud” so that children understand the concepts behind what the teacher is modeling. Children then practice the skills or concepts with the teacher’s guidance.

The updated collection includes new and expanded activities, videos of select activities performed in real classrooms, and direct links to activities from CLI’s CIRCLE Progress Monitoring system, through CLI Engage. The newly updated collection includes more than 350 classroom activities, with 25 percent of activities incorporating a video.

The CIRCLE Activity Collection is available for free to all TSR participants, Texas public school districts, charter schools, Head Start programs, and Texas Rising Star Certified Providers through the CLI Engage e-learning platform. A new free version of the CIRCLE Activity Collection will be available in Summer 2016.

Throughout 2016, new activities for infant and toddler teachers and parents will be added to the CIRCLE Activity Collection. Stay tuned for more information!