Beginning Education: Early Childcare at Home

Also known as BEECH, the Beginning Education: Early Childcare At Home is a web-based professional development system specifically designed for home childcare providers. Available in English and Spanish, BEECH includes 20 learning modules and is free to family childcare providers. The sessions focus on teaching providers to support the socio-emotional, cognitive, language, literacy, and mathematics development of young children. Access to BEECH is free for all Texas child care providers; the system provides 20 hours of professional development.

In 2011, the Children’s Learning Institute partnered with the Texas Early Learning Council to conduct a research study on the effectiveness of an online professional development platform to improve school readiness. Participants in the two-year research study, conducted in English and Spanish with home-based providers in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio, utilized BEECH for professional development.

Beginning in 2013, BEECH was integrated into the Texas School Ready Project for home-based childcare providers in TSR communities. In 2015, BEECH was integrated into CLI’s e-learning platform, known as CLI Engage. The BEECH online courses are available for free to all users. Upon completion of all 20 modules, users receive 20 hours of professional development (clock hours or CPEs).

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  • Click SIGN UP in the top-right of the website.
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  • Enter a Google ID and password. This will be your login information for CLI Engage.
  • Then, enter a few details about yourself on the next screen and click "Submit."
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