AERO Tutoring Programs


AERO Tutoring Programs

The goal of the AERO program is to maximize the reading and math potential of every child.

  • Does your child want to improve his or her reading and/or math skills?
  • Do you want an individualized, targeted, research based approach for skill enhancement for your child?
  • Do you want to prevent the summer backslide?
  • Does your child have learning differences and need remediation?

Our Approach

  • Assess each student to discover strengths and challenges.
  • Ensure individualize programs are based on the assessment of each student.
  • Restore the foundation for success by providing explicit and systematic instruction.
  • Obtain progress monitoring data to modify instruction to ensure mastery.

Program Overview

We offer low tutor-to-student ratios (1:1) for grades PreK-8. All intervention programs are evidence-based and have been identified as effective approaches to reading and math instruction. Based on assessment results and needs, a tailored instructional plan will be implemented in a variety of areas listed below.

Reading Grades PreK-8th

Math Grades 1st – 3rd  

  • Remarkable Readers: Concentrates on phonemic awareness, letter sound combinations, word attack skills and spelling
  • Fabulously Fluent Readers:  Blend code knowledge, word parts and vocabulary to increase reading accuracy and fluency
  • Wonderful Writers:  Learn to go from simple sentences to more complex paragraphs in a systematic process of making better word choices and combining sentences
  • Clever Comprehenders:  Apply metacognitive strategies to fiction and nonfiction texts to identify main and supporting ideas, use visualization and graphic organizational strategies, and link information across text.
  • Nimble Number Sense:  Understand concept of whole numbers, number magnitude, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Racing Reasoners:  Number patterns, word problems, algebraic equations and expressions, organizing data and problem solving
  • Fantastic Fact Fluency:  Master number facts:  addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and learn fact families for ease in computation



Enrollment Information

Learn more about each of our AERO Tutoring Programs and how to enroll: