Texas School Ready Project Featured in New America Report

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CLI's Texas School Ready Project is profiled in New America's report, "Extracting Success in Pre-K Teaching: Approaches to Effective Professional Learning Across Five States." The five programs profiled in this report show that it is possible to give pre-K teachers rich, research-based training that prepares them to work with young children; TSR's profile focuses on our work to improve language and literacy instruction.

In partnership with the Texas Education Agency, the Children’s Learning Institute (CLI) manages the Texas School Ready (TSR) project and the CLI Engage technology platform, both of which serve pre-K, Head Start, charter school, and child care teachers in all settings across the state. Teachers have varying qualifications based on their program requirements. In Texas, 24 percent of children under five years old are in poverty and 68 percent of children under four years old are non-white.

The history of the Texas School Ready Project, as well as our high-intensity TSR Comprehensive program and the online platform that houses our materials CLI Engage are included in the profile. Since its inception, TSR has been dedicated to improving early learning experiences for young children in Texas by supporting early childhood teachers, regardless of their education or experience, to improve their practice through high quality professional development, training, and coaching. Learn more about these programs here:

When reflecting on the massive scale of the program, Landry says, “I’m proud of how the program has empowered teachers…Prior to the creation of this program, many did not have the tools to foster early learning development.”

Texas School Ready Project Featured in New America Report