Summer Tutoring Programs

Dan L Duncan Reading Initiative

Our mission is to enhance children’s opportunities for successful living by providing them with individualized, research-based assessment and clinical services. Our summer program provides skills for success in reading for the upcoming school year. Our programs target both struggling students as well as students with grade level academic skills.

Program Overview

We offer low tutor-to-student ratios (1:1) for PreK-8. All intervention programs are evidence-based and have been identified as effective approaches to reading instruction. Based on assessment results and needs, an individualized instructional plan will be implemented in the following areas.

Phonemic Awareness Phonics Word Attack Skills and Spelling Listening and Reading Comprehension Vocabulary and Fluency
Rhyming Letter Names Decoding Retell Multiple Meanings
Sentence Segmentation Letter Sounds Prefixes Sequencing Synonyms
Blending Advanced Letter Suffixes Story Grammar Examples and Non-Examples
Initial/Final Sounds Sound Combinations Homonyms Character Mood Expression
Substituting Sounds   Inflectional Endings Summarizing Timed Readings
Syllables   Multisyllabic Words Main Idea  
Deleting Sounds   Compound Words Inference  
Sound Discrimination   Possessives Problem/Solution  


Placement Test

Our comprehensive program placement consists of a combination of norm-referenced and criterion-referenced tests. The placement test takes approximately one hour to complete. At the end of each summer session, post assessments are administered to provide results. Once registration is complete you will be contacted to schedule an appointment for the assessment. In order to gather the most current skill level for each student, assessments will be scheduled during early May.



We offer low tutor-to-student ratios (1:1) for kindergarten through third grade. Our intervention programs are evidence based and have been identified as effective approaches to math instruction. Based on each child’s individual needs, an individualized instructional plan will be implemented in a variety of areas.

Instructional Plan Areas

   Numbers and Operations    Algebraic Reasoning    Geometry and Measurement    Data Analysis
Whole Numbers Number Patterns Two-Dimensional Shapes Organize Data
Number Magnitude Word Problems Three-Dimensional Objects Interpret Information
Base-10 Place Value System Algebraic Equations Length/Time Problem Solving
Addition/Subtraction Algebraic Expressions Classification Summarize Data Sets
Multiplication/Division   Length/Area/Time Graphs/Figures
Coins/Values   Standard/Metric Measurement Collecting, Organizing, Displaying, and Interpreting Dat
Fractions   Geometric Attributes  
Decimals   Angles  
Summer Tutoring Programs

Registration Information for Reading and Math Summer Tutoring Programs

All sessions run Monday through Thursday and cost $2,000. Space is limited, so register today!

At the Hilton Medical Center

Registration Information for Reading  Summer Tutoring Programs at St. Francis

Space is limited so register today

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 st francis

Advisory Panel

Our Advisory Panel consists of UTHealth educators, physicians, and psychologists.  Our panel provides expert consultation on assessment and research on best practices for interventions for children with learning problems. See the research tab of the CLI webpage for more information on past and current research and research to practice programs directed by our panel.


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