Dan L Duncan Children's Neurodevelopmental Clinic

Welcome to the Dan L Duncan Children's Neurodevelopmental Clinic

The Dan L Duncan Children’s Neurodevelopmental Clinic provides comprehensive assessments of children, adolescents, and young adults who are thought to have developmental or behavioral problems, autism spectrum disorders, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and learning disabilities such as dyslexia. We also provide services to children and adolescents with acquired brain injuries. After a careful diagnostic assessment of children's strengths and weaknesses, we will develop an intervention plan and make referrals for treatment if needed. The clinic team provides periodic follow-up to address needs at different stages of development, from infancy through young adulthood. Our clinic provides both psychological and developmental pediatric services to the community under the direction of Linda Ewing-Cobbs, Ph.D., and W. Daniel Williamson, M.D., who serves as the clinic’s Medical Director.

The Dan L Duncan Children's Neurodevelopmental Clinic provides:

Assessment and Diagnosis

  • Diagnosis of neurodevelopmental conditions, including ADHD, specific learning disorders, autism spectrum disorder, and developmental coordination disorder, as well as diagnosis of anxiety, mood, and behavioral concerns. Neurodevelopmental and neuropsychological evaluations are provided from infancy through young adulthood
  • Comprehensive evaluation of a child's development, including intelligence, language, attention, learning and visual motor skills, social and emotional areas, and academic abilities, such as reading, math, spelling and writing
  • Individualized consultation regarding assessment results and referral for intervention
  • Comprehensive clinical reports
  • Follow-up appointments and reevaluation (when appropriate) for monitoring progress and response to interventions


  • Medical management, including medication
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy for children with anxiety and related concerns
  • Reading and academic interventions (see section on reading initiatives)

Whom should I request to evaluate my child?

The Dan L Duncan Children's Neurodevelopmental Clinic has several developmental experts on staff. In many cases, any of these professionals can provide an excellent evaluation for your child. However, you may choose whom to work with based on personal preference or referral to a particular individual, desire to be seen by a medical doctor compared to a psychologist, or based on the areas of expertise and interest listed under each clinician's staff bio. We work together to ensure that your child’s needs are addressed. 

It is recommended that your child be evaluated by one of our psychologists if your primary concerns include:

  • Dyslexia or another learning or educational problem
  • Psychological/emotional or parent-child relationship issues
  • Receiving a comprehensive assessment that typically includes a full battery of IQ, language, academic attention, executive function, and social emotional adjustment.

It is recommended that your child be evaluated by one of our developmental pediatricians if your primary concerns include:

  • Receiving a developmental assessment that includes evaluation of general cognitive, language, motor, academic and interaction skills, and a medical examination
  • Medical management of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder or other neurodevelopmental disorders
  • Referral for other medical studies such as neuroimaging, genetic, and metabolic evaluations if indicated
Dan L Duncan Children's Neurodevelopmental Clinic

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The Dan L Duncan Children’s Neurodevelopmental Clinic transitioned to an electronic health record in May 2021. Epic, the new electronic health record, provides a powerful tool for connecting our health care providers with patients. We utilize Epic to streamline processes and provide patients greater ease in accessing their healthcare information through a new patient portal. If you have questions or concerns about this change, please feel free to reach out to the Clinic staff.