Michael A. Assel, Ph.D.Clinical Professor of Pediatrics

Michael A. Assel, Ph.D., is a Clinical Professor of Pediatrics in the Children’s Learning Institute at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. Dr. Assel received his doctorate from the University of Houston in Counseling Psychology and interned in the Houston Independent School District’s Psychological Services Department. Dr. Assel also completed a two-year post-doctoral training program at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.

As one of the staff psychologists in the Dan L. Duncan Neurodevelopmental Clinic, Dr. Assel routinely evaluates children with a range of developmental differences (e.g., autistic spectrum disorders, language delays, learning disabilities, and ADHD). Dr. Assel is a Core Faculty Member of LoneStar LEND (i.e., Learning and Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities), which is a postdoctoral training program that seeks to improve global service delivery, including increased identification and diagnosis of autistic spectrum and other neurodevelopmental disabilities. Dr. Assel is one of the original authors of the Circle Progress Monitoring system, formerly known as C-PALLS+ (i.e., Circle-Phonological Awareness Literacy and Language Screener+), which is used widely across Texas as a pre-kindergarten progress-monitoring tool. His research interests include progress monitoring, instrument construction, large-scale program evaluations, and observational coding systems used to evaluate teaching environments. Dr. Assel also enjoys training teachers and providing consultation to teachers in early childhood educational settings. In addition to coordinating progress monitoring efforts on two large-scale grants from the Institute of Educational Sciences, Dr. Assel is working closely with other CLI faculty to create a kindergarten screener for use in Texas schools (i.e., TX-KEA).

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Michael Assel, Ph.D.
Clinical Professor of Pediatrics
Michael A. Assel, Ph.D.