Enhancing Early Learning for Children with Special Needs (ENABLE)


ENABLEEnhancing Early Learning for Children with Special Needs is a four year project that studies the effectiveness of a parenting program on the early learning and motor development of infants with spina bifida and infants with tone and strength difficulties, including cerebral palsy. The study investigates whether an integrated parent responsiveness and motor support intervention targeting these infants will result in changes in parent behavior leading to improvements in the overall development of such core skills and competencies as attention, cognition, goal-directed play, language and motor performance.

What is it?
A research study that investigates programs for parents that focus on enhancing learning in children with special needs. Participants in the study will be assigned to one of three different groups that target motor learning, social
functioning, and language development.

What will I be doing in the study?
The parent and child will take part in a 14 week program that includes training and resources for the parents and
includes four assessments for the child.

What is the purpose of the study?
The program aims to help parents enhance their child's learning by providing information and resources pertaining
to child development, and education materials. Some groups will receive access to trained coaches who will guide
parents in responsive and motor learning behaviors that may benefit children with special needs.

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