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Discover CLIOur mission at the Children’s Learning Institute is to create a quality learning environment for all children, ensuring that every child is equipped to learn and able to excel. In past issues, we have discussed the concepts involving taking our research to actual practice. Some of the best examples of this include our Texas State Initiatives programs, which have provided us with additional resources and partners to accomplish this important work. Even the best of programs or the most promising areas of research mean nothing, in light of our mission, if we cannot apply them in tangible ways to impact the lives of children and their families.  continue reading

Making A Difference

Texas Early Learning Council: Celebrating a Three-Year Effort to Improve School Readiness in Texas


The Texas Early Learning Council is a unique entity, and part of CLI’s State Initiatives division.  The Council is comprised of a diverse group of early childhood leaders from across Texas, appointed by the Governor, to impact the early childhood system in Texas and improve school readiness for our youngest Texans. Over the past three years, the Council created dozens of resources for parents and early childhood teachers, policy makers and providers from its offices at CLI. continue reading

Newsmaker Spotlight

Amanda Marlow Swift describes the impact of Reach Out and Read Texas on young children and their families

The Learning Leader

CLI’s State Initiatives is home to Read Out and Read Texas, a statewide project that partners with medical providers across Texas to provide books to young children and encourages families to read together.  Reach Out and Read Texas is part of a national nonprofit organization, Reach Out and Read.  Nationally each year, Reach Out and Read serves more than 4 million children from 6 months to 5 years of age, focusing on at-risk children and providing them with 6.5 million developmentally-appropriate books through 5,000 medical providers across the country. continue reading

Discover CLI

Texas School Ready! develops new methods to increase school readiness for pre-k students


Texas School Ready! (TSR!) is a comprehensive early childhood teacher training program that combines a research-based, state-adopted curriculum with on-going professional development, coaching, and child progress monitoring tools to help early childhood teachers improve their practice.  TSR! began at the Children’s Learning Institute in 2003 as the Texas Early Education Model (TEEM) and has evolved to continually meet the needs of early childhood teachers over the past ten years.  Proven to be effective in multiple research studies, over the last 10 years TSR! has helped over 350,000 Texas children be more prepared for school. continue reading


Welcome our new faculty member, Dr. Anson Koshy!

TransitionDr. Koshy is on staff at the Dan L. Duncan Children’s Neurodevelopmental Clinic where he performs evaluations and ongoing medical management for children (newborn through college age) who are at risk for developmental, behavioral, and learning differences. A board certified pediatrician, Dr. Koshy is currently a Co-Investigator on the ICARD (Interventions for Children with Attention and Reading Difficulties) study. He has done extensive research focused on promoting developmentally and culturally appropriate behavioral health screening in pediatric primary care. continue reading


The faculty at the Children’s Learning Institute are authors of many academic publications. We have compiled a list of some of our more recent articles. To view, please click here.

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Fall 2013
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