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Discover CLIThe clinical programs at the Children’s Learning Institute incorporate multiple avenues and means to facilitate children’s learning and success. The number of children with neurodevelopmental and psychological disorders continues to skyrocket. Families look for ways to help children cope with learning disabilities which impact their ability to acquire fundamental skills in reading, writing and mathematics. In addition, record numbers of young people struggle with mental health disorders such as anxiety, mood, attention, autism spectrum disorders, and conduct disorders. If left untreated, these often become lifelong conditions. continue reading

Discover CLI

Clinic Programs and Services Positively Impact the Lives of Children and Their Families

The Duncan Clinic

The Dan L. Duncan Children’s Neurodevelopmental Clinic opened in 2008 at the Children’s Learning Institute at UTHealth.  Established with a generous donation from the Duncan family, the Duncan Clinic has provided services to over 13,700 children in the last six years.  The mission of the Duncan Clinic is to enhance children's opportunities for successful living by providing them with individualized, research-based clinical services.    continue reading

Newsmaker Spotlight

The Autism Center at CLI: Training a New Generation of Medical and Early Childhood Professionals to “Act Early” on Developmental Delays in Children

Discover CLIPauline A. Filipek MD FAAP is a double board-certified pediatrician and child neurologist, and Professor of Pediatrics at CLI and in the Division of Child and Adolescent Neurology at UTHealth. She is the Director of LoneStar LEND and The Autism Center at CLI.  Dr. Filipek joined CLI in 2009 and she is the CDC’s Ambassador to the Learn the Signs. Act Early. campaign for the State of Texas. 

As Director of the Autism Center at CLI, Dr. Filipek works towards the Center’s mission to enhance opportunities for successful living for children with autistic spectrum disorders (ASDs).  continue reading

Making A Difference

2nd Annual Tasting Dinner Increases Awareness and Support for the Children’s Learning Institute’s Research and Clinical Programs

Ms. Kris' Classroom

The Children’s Learning Institute (CLI) hosted our second annual five-course tasting dinner to raise awareness and showcase our work in improving educational outcomes for children across Texas and around the United States. Committee chairs Ana Lee and Marc Jacobs designed a beautiful evening where guests were educated about the Institute’s research, programs and clinics in a unique, intimate and fun environment. continue reading


Welcome our new faculty member, Dr. Maria Carlo!

TransitionDr. Maria S. Carlo, Ph.D. is our newest faculty member at the Children’s Learning Institute. She is an Associate Professor specializing in bilingualism in children and adults and she will be involved in multiple projects involving these areas. We are proud to welcome a new researcher to CLI with experience in these areas, which are particularly important for the education of children in multi-lingual states like Texas. Dr. Carlo’s prior research focuses on the cognitive processes underlying reading in a second language as well as understanding the differences in the reading processes for bilingual and monolingual students. continue reading


The faculty at the Children’s Learning Institute are authors of many academic publications. We have compiled a list of some of our more recent articles. To view, please click here.


  • CLI is collaborating with the Texas Education Agency on a grant from the US Department of Education to develop a new Kindergarten Entry Assessment. read more.

  • If you know a child diagnosed with ADD, learn about our new summer ADDventure Camp specifically tailored to help children learn to manage their behavior.

  • More than 2,000 early childhood teachers at 1,100 schools across Texas are participating in the Texas School Ready! (TSR!) Project this more

  • Focus on the TSR program was especially noted in the Brownsville area, as both the Brownsville Herald and KVEO highlighted the TSR program and early learning.

  • Dr. Susan Landry discussed CLI and many of our programs as the featured guest on the radio show, “Growing Up in America” on 90.1FM KPFT in Houston.

  • Dr. Cathy Guttentag was the autism expert on the “Real World, Real Talk” radio show on KTSU discussing Autism awareness, diagnosis and treatment. You can listen here.

  • The Fort Worth Star-Telegram published an editorial by Dr. Susan Landry discussing a new option for training home daycare providers, who comprise approximately 59% of the childcare in Texas. read more

  • Dr. Susan Landry joined TEA Commissioner, Michael Williams and Texas Association of Business CEO, Bill Hammond for a panel discussion on the future of Texas children at the Texas Association of Business conference.

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